Service Delivery

Our services may be administered on-site, at our studio/bench, by phone, email and remote access.

Onsite Service

Onsite service can offer immediate relief to problems.

Phone and Email
Many routine software and PC problems can be solved by our technicians by phone or email. It’s the most cost-effective solution for software headaches. Problem resolution solutions and suggestions are made within 24 hrs.

The email/telephone service is charged per problem/question. When the problem can not be resolved by telephone or email, a technician may be scheduled to handle it on-site or remotely at your request. Tryout our email service now by filling out this form.

Remote Connection
Our technician connects to your computer to provide instruction, repair problems or guide you through resolution. Contracted on a monthly or annual basis. High speed internet connection required (no dialup or satellite). Remote connection software is included.

Sometimes it is more convenient and economical to perform service at our office/studio. When data recovery and scans run for hours without technician interactions it incurs a much lower cost offsite.

Emergency Response
Our emergency response times are flexible to meet your needs.

Our technicians are available 24/7/365.